3D Direct Print (3DP) for antennas and sensors

3D direct print

Our 3D Direct Print (3DP) solution allows you to print three-dimensional antenna patterns and sensor traces that can be integrated into virtually any mechanical structure or cover maximizes design flexibility, ensuring optimal placement and performance, and allowing slimmer product designs. 

The 3D Direct Printing (3DP) solution is a leading additive technology for printing functional electronics eliminating the need for plating. It provides full design flexibility, with quick iteration and minimum lead-time for last-minute changes. With our software-controlled direct print method there is no need for pattern-specific tools, special plastic resins, or plating process considerations. This results in significantly shorter lead times for initial samples or product design changes than with traditional processes. For example, all antennas – including cellular, diversity, and complementary – can be printed directly onto the plastic in the same process as the connection or other functional traces, making 3DP a superior technology for integrating electrical functions into mechanical structures. This in turn simplifies logistics and lowers the total cost of production.

3DP is also an environmentally friendly solution as it requires no plating or nickel, produces very little process waste, and can be applied to recycled or bio-degradable resins. As all 3DP manufacturing steps are carried out in one production cell, and completely in-house at Lite-On Mobile Mechanical, we’ve also been able to minimize the transportation impact.

An incredibly flexible solution, 3DP can be applied to a metal die-cast, insert-molded polycarbonate, or polyamide cover. It can also be applied to glass panels and ceramic materials.

Our 3DP solution utilizes Aerosol Jet® technology from our partner Optomec.

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