Nitrotherm Spray Painting Technology

LOM now has exclusive rights within the industry to the worldwide-patented Nitrotherm Spray (NTS) technology – an innovative painting process that uses heated nitrogen instead of air as the paint carrier for coating. This provides best-in-class finish quality and an improved yield rate with low environmental impact.

The visual quality of NTS-painted products is the highest in the industry, as the NTS process eliminates orange peel and air bubble effects, while minimizing fat edges and improving application and transfer efficiency. The elimination of common coating problems such as sags, runs, drips, orange peel, and fat edges can also result in improved yield. This is because the yield rate is often influenced by painting line contamination, and NTS is able to effectively mitigate this by quickly removing surface humidity and static electricity through its ionization system.

Compared to other painting processes, NTS is very eco-friendly as its volatile organic compound emissions are 20-80% lower. This will help with green capital tax and will guarantee better working conditions for workers. What’s more, the use of NTS will also show a company as acting in an environmentally conscious and responsible way, while supporting corporate social responsibility programs.

NTS technology is suitable for handsets, tablets, accessories, and other handheld devices, and allows for full integration with existing painting lines within the industry. It can be used with all kinds of air compressors, paints, and spray guns, and at all temperatures. LOM has introduced the Nitrotherm system to support its customers with worldwide-patented, high-quality, and environmentally conscious solutions.


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