LITEONMOBILE fully committed to Corporate Social Responsibility

Lite-On Group, the parent company of LITEONMOBILE, introduced a group level Corporate Social Responsibility program this year. LITEONMOBILE joins in the effort to provide the best-in-industry practices and visibility in responsible operations.

Taiwanese Lite-On has been active in CSR matters since the 1990s. The latest actions have included the establishment of the Corporate CSER committee in 2007, followed up last year by the launch of the annual LITE-ON Award competition for young designers and an energy-saving program aimed at achieving 5 % savings. Global Views Magazine awarded Lite-On the Corporate Social Responsibility Award from 2005 to 2008.

Harmonizing the policies
LITEONMOBILE / Perlos has been implementing its own policies and practices for years, of course. These are partly based on the same ideas as well as the ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and SA8000 management systems and supplier requirements. Becoming part of the Lite-On Group, it was time to harmonize the policies.


The new Corporate Social Responsibility Policy that covers all Lite-On Group employees and companies is based on SA8000 and the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) code.

– Lite-On Group already has good experience in EICC, having used their standards in self-assessments for years. The EICC code is very extensive: it sets guidelines for performance, compliance, auditing and reporting within labor, health and safety, environmental, management systems and matters related to business ethics, says Eija Salo, Director of Human Resources Development at LITEONMOBILE.

The new Corporate Social Responsibility Policy defines guidelines in areas such as employee personal data protection, working hours and compensation, competence development, the service level of dormitories and canteens, and the improvement of energy-saving and environmental protection.

Eija Salo

Thinking Beyond
The process of defining new corporate values for LITEONMOBILE/Perlos in early 2009 also proved that the employees want to work for a company that shows responsibility.

– More than 400 employees were engaged in the definition process. The final outcome: Think Beyond mindset was consistent with all the input we got. Thinking Beyond Tomorrow, Abilities, Boundaries and Challenges embody the responsibility that we as a company and all the employees as individuals represent.

LITEONMOBILE/Perlos believes strongly that by committing to solid CSR policies and practices helps to retain the best employees. Several studies also show that active CSR programs contribute to financial performance and customer satisfaction through smooth and safe processes, decreased risk, better visibility, improved competitiveness, and engaged employees.


Combining the efforts
Just creating policies and documentation is, of course, not enough. Corporate Social Responsibility is assessed and verified very closely according to a designated plan.

– The most important tool in our assessment and verification model is self-assessment. We have an on-line tool that is used by all our sites all over the World. This gives us the visibility and up-to-date information that we need to continuously improve our actions. We have also included some topics in our key performance indicators that are followed on a monthly basis by senior management, says Eija Salo.

In addition to self-assessment, all sites are audited at least once a year, both externally and internally. Senior management reviews the entity (targets, plans, actions, measurements, etc.) once a year as well.

LITEONMOBILE also extends social responsibility to the supply chain. As part of the regular audits in areas such as quality and financial matters, all suppliers are asked to verify their efforts in the CSR domain.

– This is an important topic and we understand that we alone cannot make the difference. True social responsibility requires seamless co-operation with all stakeholders, says Eija Salo.

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