Direct Printing

LOM has been making great strides in direct printing technology. Direct digital printing (DDP) is a method of printing a digital image onto plastic or glass, and LOM is shaping this trend for 2D and 3D surface decoration onto handset and tablet covers. Another innovation that stems from direct printing, 3D direct print (3DP), will be more widely applied to antenna manufacturing in 2014.

DDP offers greater shape and design flexibility for handset and tablet decoration, as well as lowering costs as it uses less ink than conventional painting methods. It enables the covers of more complex mechanical structures such as curved surfaces to be painted, and allows a variety of patterns to be produced through easy modification of digital images before printing. Almost all colors except for white are available, and multiple colors can be printed at the same time. The special ink penetrates into the material to produce three-dimensional, transparent, gradational, and carbon-fiber effects.


LOM has also invested heavily in the application of direct printing to 3D antenna printing development. 3DP can shorten the product creation lead time and offer a significant number of other advantages, including design flexibility, a reduction in product thickness, and environmental benefits. As the antenna is manufactured using a software-controlled direct print method, there is no need for any specific tools, special plastic resins, or plating process considerations – meaning the lead time for initial samples or product design changes is significantly shorter than with traditional processes. LOM can now offer mass production of 3DP antennas at its China facilities.







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