Cooperative antenna technology enables greater design freedom for metal-cover smartphones

Lite-On Mobile Mechanical’s novel Cooperative antenna technology is an innovative method of connecting multiple feeds to a common metal radiator while simultaneously optimizing them. 

Lite-On Mobile Mechanical's Cooperative antenna

Developed in response to consumer demand, our new Cooperative antenna technology combines the ability to create attractive, seamless metal smartphone designs without plastic slots or gaps with even more antenna functionalities and improved RF performance. The technology makes it possible to connect several signal feeds and ground connections directly to the same metal back cover. To ensure good RF isolation and to optimize performance for all frequency bands, the structure and locations of all feeds are calculated simultaneously using optimization software developed in house.

Using this novel development tool, we have built a technology demonstrator that has BT, WiFi (2.4 and 5GHz) MIMO, and GNSS antennas integrated into a metal back cover without any kind of separation, as they share a common radiator element.

In the demonstrator, the solution is combined with our Slim Metal Ring antenna concept to provide a complete solution with LTE, carrier aggregation, GNSS, BT, and dual-band WiFi MIMO, with no dedicated separate antenna elements.

Lite-On Mobile Mechanical’s Cooperative antenna technology provides an excellent opportunity to use the metal back cover for antenna functionalities, thus freeing up space for other components in the locations usually used for traditional antennas.

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