Company Name Change from Perlos to Lite-On Mobile has started

Perlos Corporation launched its service brand LITEONMOBILE in summer 2008, but the official company name has remained Perlos Corporation. Now the company has started the global transformation of its corporate name to Lite-On Mobile.

The purpose of this transformation is to unify the corporate name and service brand.  The first legal entity to change its official name was in Finland. Effective from Monday, November 29, 2010, Perlos Corporation changed its corporate name to Lite-On Mobile Corporation. The aim is to change all of Perlos’ official company names globally during the first half of 2011. Until the official change date, the legal entity remains Perlos.

We will keep our business partners informed about the name change in all locations after it has been registered in the country in question.

This corporate name change will not affect our current working relationship with you. The corporate name change will also not affect any existing contracts with your company. Lite-On Mobile Corporation will continue to provide high-quality products and services to our clients.

 Additional information
 Mr. Stanley Mu, Head of Legal Affairs, email:
 Ms. Katja Kumpulainen, Marketing Director, email: katja.kumpulainen(at)

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