9.1.2018 LITE-ON Mobile Mechanical @ CES 2018: We Think Beyond

At CES 2018, LITE-ON Mobile Mechanical, a subsidiary of LITE-ON Technology Corporation, showcased some of its latest innovations in plastic molding, precision tooling and metal stamping, staking its claim as one of today’s global leaders in mechanical solutions. A trusted partner by some of the world’s leading Consumer, Communication Devices, Personal Care and Automotive brands, Mobile Mechanical has provided added value through its unique technical capabilities and excellent program management.

27.2.2017 Mr. Charlie Tseng named new Lite-On Mobile Mechanical CEO

Following the retirement of Mr. Peter Chiu on March 1, Mr. Charlie Tseng has been named as the new CEO of Lite-On Technology Corporation’s Mobile Mechanical strategic business group.

27.2.2017 Automotive quality management systems ISO certification achieved

Lite-On Mobile Mechanical is proud to announce that SGS have awarded us ISO/TS 16949 certification (automotive quality) following a successful audit of our management systems in December 2016.

27.2.2017 Cooperative antenna technology enables greater design freedom for metal-cover smartphones

27.2.2017 Aluminum IML: lightweight and cost-effective metal-looking plastic parts

23.1.2017 Happy Chinese New Year 2017!

12.12.2016 New antenna for wearable metal devices

12.12.2016 Stainless steel in smart devices enabled by S-Treatment technology

12.12.2016 Season’s Greetings

12.12.2016 Email addresses change to

26.9.2016 Improved anodizing treatment for Al 7000 metal alloys

26.9.2016 Ready for more metal

26.9.2016 Four reasons to choose our early supplier involvement service

13.6.2016 Ready for the future: millions of printed electronics mass-produced

13.6.2016 Finding more flexibility in product design with material and technology integrations

13.6.2016 Lite-On Mobile Mechanical at a glance [Infographic]

15.3.2016 New hidden-slot technology – bringing excellent antenna functionality to devices with metal unibody covers

15.3.2016 Lite-On Mobile Mechanical begins mass delivery of automotive and wearable device parts to prominent new customers

15.3.2016 Mechanical solutions and services for wearable device manufacturing

2.2.2016 Happy Chinese New Year!

18.12.2015 Season's Greetings!

15.12.2015 LITE-ON Mobile Mechanical SBG to expand its strategic markets

15.12.2015 Zhuhai plant sees excellent utilization rate after expansion; plans for further investment in 2016

15.12.2015 Lite-On Technology Corp. Named One of the Leading Companies in CDLI for Second Consecutive Year

28.9.2015 Co-operation Leads to Multi-Station 3D Printed Electronics Patent

28.9.2015 Driving towards the automotive business

28.9.2015 Lite-On Technology Selected for DJSI for Fifth Consecutive Year

4.8.2015 LOM to become Strategic Business Group of Lite-On, Mobile Mechanical SBG

4.8.2015 Wearable Antenna Concept – an Innovative Antenna Solution for Smartwatches and Other Wearable Metal Devices

4.8.2015 Quality Award from Lenovo Mobile Business Group

16.4.2015 LOM’s Cutting-Edge Technology for Printing Functional Traces in Full 3D

16.4.2015 LOM Zhuhai Continues Investments – CNC Capacities Doubled

16.4.2015 Great Results from Customer Satisfaction Survey

12.2.2015 Happy Chinese New Year!

15.12.2014 LOM’s Parent Company Lite-On Technology Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

15.12.2014 LOM Zhuhai Enhanced Anodizing Capabilities

15.12.2014 LOM Tooling Center in Shenzhen

22.9.2014 LOM Reinforces Painting Capabilities

22.9.2014 LOM Chennai Licensed for Automotive Manufacturing

22.9.2014 LOM is Dedicated to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

25.6.2014 LOM Makes Investment in Large-Sized Production

25.6.2014 LOM’s Early Stage Program Management

25.6.2014 Committed to Customer Satisfaction

23.4.2014 Introducing Our New CEO

23.4.2014 LOM Metal Capacity Expansion Increases CNC Capacity in Zhuhai

23.4.2014 LOM Manaus Receives Logistics Efficiency and Best Local Supplier Awards

17.1.2014 Happy Chinese New Year!

18.12.2013 Season's greetings!

12.12.2013 Direct Printing

11.12.2013 Nitrotherm Spray Painting Technology

11.12.2013 Beijing Plant Integration Improves Operational Efficiency

23.9.2013 Excellent product finish achieved with Rapid Heat Cycle Molding

23.9.2013 LOM reaching new heights in the tablet business

23.9.2013 British Standards Institution names Lite-On Mobile winner in Top Excellence in Supply Chain Management

15.5.2013 Lite-On Mobile launches Fumod, an innovative antenna solution for metal handheld devices

15.5.2013 LOYF launches high-performance, low-cost nano silver solution for touch screens

15.5.2013 Lite-On Mobile celebrates its 60th anniversary

18.3.2013 The next level in seamless integration – glass insert molding with 2.5D curved glass

18.3.2013 Lite-On Mobile to diversify into media tablets with distinctive mechanics solutions for all price categories

18.3.2013 Lite-On Mobile strengthens its industrial position in Brazil with Yamada LOM joint venture

20.12.2012 Season's Greetings!

17.12.2012 LOM’s new low-cost integrated antennas allow more space for design

17.12.2012 New one-layer multi-touch solution brings down costs and product thickness

17.12.2012 LOM Manaus wins Logistics Efficiency Award

27.9.2012 Lite-On Technology Corporation wins Corporate Citizenship award from CommonWealth magazine for sixth straight year

27.9.2012 Hydroforming technology provides a new, affordable way to shape metals – revolutionizing the tablet and phone-casing manufacturing process

27.9.2012 Lite-On Mobile continues to overhaul Electronic Manufacturing Services

27.9.2012 LOM launches new corporate video

21.6.2012 From plastic seamless-cover manufacturing to the full package

21.6.2012 LOM Helical Feed Antenna concept is compatible with LTE phones and, thanks to its very thin design, is perfect for handheld devices

21.6.2012 LOM Beijing site showcases a range of leading technologies

24.4.2012 Slimmer window solutions with smart integrations

24.4.2012 Wear-resistant coatings for metal

24.4.2012 Further expansion for Lite-On Mobile in Zhuhai, China

16.2.2012 Seamless and rigid metal unibody design with metal-plastic integration technology

16.2.2012 Tailored touch panel solutions for excellent technology and quality

16.2.2012 LOM making the difference with integrated innovations

1.12.2011 Near Field Communication will touch you too

1.12.2011 Lite-On Mobile reinforces its Global Tooling

1.12.2011 Lite-On Technology Selected as a Member 2011/12 DJSI, ranked as the Leading Electronic Component & Equipment Company

21.9.2011 Silky surfaces with Rapid Heat Cycle Moulding

21.9.2011 Lite-On Mobile operations reinforced to boost global manufacturing capability

21.9.2011 New Business Unit organizational structure to drive innovation and commodity excellence

1.7.2011 Exclusivity with decorated metal covers

1.7.2011 LOM Product Development has excellent capabilities for co-design

1.7.2011 Perlos is now Lite-On Mobile worldwide

16.5.2011 New innovations emerge through LOM ecosystem network

16.5.2011 Lite-On Mobile delivers turnkey solutions

16.5.2011 First Touch Panel Shipments to Customers

28.4.2011 Lite-On Mobile / Perlos to close Reynosa Manufacturing facility in Mexico

14.3.2011 LOM expands manufacturing capacity in China

14.3.2011 LOM Metal Capabilities centered in Zhuhai, China

4.3.2011 Seamless, shiny strength with glass and plastics joined together

21.12.2010 High-class plastics bring new possibilities

21.12.2010 Innovative integrations with true collaboration

21.12.2010 Company Name Change from Perlos to Lite-On Mobile has started

21.12.2010 Beautiful prints and various effects by Digital Printing

29.10.2010 Easy-to-clean coatings

29.10.2010 Bio-based and recycled plastics lessen the ecological footprint of mobile phones

29.10.2010 LOM improves its mechanism capabilities

31.8.2010 LOM adds new production capacity in India and China

31.8.2010 LOM’s Joint Venture Offers World Class Capabilities in Touch Panels

31.8.2010 Cost-efficient Differentiation with LOM PVD solutions

31.8.2010 Laser Direct Structuring antennas fit any kind of phone

15.6.2010 Lite-On Mobile Pte. Ltd./Perlos and Young Fast Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. to form a joint venture for touch panel modules

15.6.2010 LOM’s latest innovation gives a special look and feel to mobile phone parts

15.6.2010 Improved hardcoating protects plastic parts from wear and tear

15.6.2010 LOM renews its company-level DNV certificates and receives OHSAS18001:2007 certification for the first time

25.2.2010 Intuitive interfaces and bright lights

25.2.2010 Visual Effects and Durability with Seamless Welding

25.2.2010 Lite-On Technology – an industry leader with green values at heart

18.12.2009 LITEONMOBILE Strengthens its Mechanisms Offering

18.12.2009 More Muscle for Product Design with Sasken Co-operation

18.12.2009 Innovative Technologies for Metal Parts

12.11.2009 Picture-perfect camera modules

12.11.2009 Program Driven Organisation Guarantees Efficiency to Customers

12.11.2009 LOM Tooling offers Quality and Flexibility

29.9.2009 New manufacturing facility to complement LITEONMOBILE portfolio

29.9.2009 Metal PVD adds color and scratch resistance to stainless steel

29.9.2009 LITEONMOBILE fully committed to Corporate Social Responsibility

13.8.2009 Never miss a favorite TV-program with mobile TV

13.8.2009 LITEONMOBILE Strategy Update: Interview with Cor Saris

13.8.2009 Plastic without limits

4.5.2009 Light is the new black

4.5.2009 New metal & plastic integration technologies available for market in June

4.5.2009 In search of new materials

26.2.2009 Metal for strength… and for beauty

26.2.2009 Mobile phones face the music

19.12.2008 More power to Product Design

19.12.2008 Shiny surfaces with new dimensions: LITEONMOBILE adds next generation glass to its portfolio

19.12.2008 Project-specific survey enables instant feedback

7.11.2008 State-of-the-art IML manufacturer Serigraph partners with LITEONMOBILE

7.11.2008 LITEONMOBILE adopts integrated approach to corporate social responsibility

7.11.2008 LITEONMOBILE dedicated to commodity development Antennas in the core of integration

19.9.2008 Light is the next step: providing an enhanced and more intuitive user experience

19.9.2008 Olympics also come to an end for Perlos' Beijing plant

19.9.2008 Cor Saris aims to take LITEONMOBILE to the top

19.9.2008 Factory-in-a-factory: Beijing tool shop up to full speed

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