As a subsidiary of Lite-On Technology Corporation, Mobile Mechanical Strategic Business Group (SBG) is a global leader in mechanical solutions and services for the automotive, personal care, and communication device industries. Its service offering covers the whole product life-cycle from concepting, and designing to tooling, manufacturing, assembly, and testing. Mobile Mechanical’s world-leading expertise lies in visual metals, plastics, and antennas, and their integrations.


Printed electronics Lite-On Mobile Mechanical

Ready for the future: millions of printed electronics mass-produced

Every day, new products are transforming manufacturing – new functionalities are being built into devices, more and more things are being connected to the internet, and consumers are requiring ever sleeker, thinner, and more durable devices. Lite-On Mobile Mechanical meets these challenges - one example of this is the mass production of printed electronics with 3D Direct Print (3DP) technology for 3D mechanical structures.