As a subsidiary of Lite-On Technology Corporation, Mobile Mechanical Strategic Business Group (SBG) is a global leader in mechanical solutions and services for the automotive, personal care, and communication device industries. Its service offering covers the whole product life-cycle from concepting, and designing to tooling, manufacturing, assembly, and testing. Mobile Mechanical’s world-leading expertise lies in visual metals, plastics, and antennas, and their integrations.


Antenna for wearable metal devices

New antenna for wearable metal devices

The latest wearable antenna solution from Lite-On Mobile Mechanical is the Wearable Metal Ring (WMR) antenna. This unique technology uses the metal bezel of the device as the antenna element, without any gaps, slots, or openings. The wristband can be made from almost any material – including plastic, metal, rubber, or leather – and there is no need for additional antenna radiators, allowing the space inside the device to be used efficiently.